How to use google drive

 Google Drive is a cloud storage service which is provided by Google to its user to store their personal data, files, photos, video, or shareable files over the internet. After uploading your files on Google drive then you can easily access these files, photos from your PC, laptop, smartphones, or on your friend’s mobile phone as well by just log in to your Gmail account. It can allow you free storage of 15 GB to store your data but if someone needs more cloud space then he will pay subscription charges to Google. 

  Google Drive is the most popular and widely used cloud storage service because of its easy interface and pre-installed nature in your mobile phones and laptops which using a google account or Gmail account. Google Drive gives you a whole new world of possibilities to create and share text documents like spreadsheets, slides, presentations, drawings, forms, and many other kinds of files that you can create share, and keep on the cloud. One small little thing I am going to mention here is that if you don’t have a Gmail account then you can’t use Google Drive. If you haven’t used it before or don’t have much idea about google drive then you are at the right place because in this article we are going to learn how to use google drive step by step.

  To access your google drive, open your Chrome browser and log into your Gmail account to use google drive. Most of the time people are already logged in to their account but in some cases, if you are using multiple Gmail account then you can choose one to log into your account by givingng credentials like username and password and if you forget your password then reset your password.

  After successful login, opens a new tab in the Chrome Browser and select the waffle(nine square dots) at the top right corner aside from your profile icon and then click on the drive or by directly click on the link of  it will open a Google drive for you. Now our main steps start which is how to use google drive.

google drive

                       Upload and Download files on Google Drive

For Uploading a file on your Google Drive click on a new button at the top left corner, it’ll show you an option for file upload or folder upload and also an option for Google Docs, Google sheet, and many more which are used to create a new document in your Google Drive.  

google drive file and folder upload

   When you click on file upload it will allow you to select a file from any location on your PC or laptop and after that just click on the file and select open to upload a file on your Google Drive. You can also upload a file by just dragging the file from the current location on your pc and drop it to your Google Drive.  By using the same method you can easily upload your folder on your google drive as well.  

Google drive file download

   You can also easily download a file or a folder in just one click by right-click on your respective file or folder and scroll down and click on the download button to start to download your file on your mobile phone or laptop.  Downloading a file on your mobile phone is not more preferable because it can get space on your mobile phone so it is better to keep it on Google Drive and use it when you want.

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  Google Drive also be a backup drive to use it like saving your contact file, CV, or more important documents there because if you lose important documents or mobile phone then you can easily get them from google drive.

  Whenever you use any Google service like  Google document, Google sheets, Jam board, Google classroom, etc.   All the files automatically save in your Google Drive.  It’s meant to say that when you unexpectedly shut your Google document while working on it, you don’t need to worry about your data loss because whenever you want to access it again just open your google drive, get the file on which you are working and start where you left. 

   You can also edit your documents offline or see them offline if you go to the setting and tick the checkbox offline. After that, click on the done button and now you are able to edit your documents even offline.

   In the present pandemic situation, in which most of the universities, colleges, schools are closed. Then most of the teachers use Google classroom to assign students works like quizzes, assignments, and upload study material there.  

   You can download study material directly from Google classroom or open your Google Drive and going to shared with me option and all the data uploaded on Google classroom will be shown here and you can easily download it.  And also the assignment and quiz which you have uploaded on Google classroom will also be available there under the classroom folder.

How to use google drive

    You can organize your files on your Google Drive as you did on your pc and as the storage is limited so you must know how to delete files on Google Drive, just click on the file you want to delete and scroll down and click the delete button then the file move into the trash folder and when you clear your trash folder, then the file will permanently delete from your Google Drive.

                How to use Google Drive to share files

   The feature I like the most on google drive is sharing the files. If you want to share a large amount of data like 3 to 4 GB  with someone who is out of the city or country then you can always use Google drive for this purpose because it allows you to share files like photos, videos, and documents, etc with as many people as you want. But if you’re doing this with five to ten different people, you’re going to run into problems because people are going to leave, they’re going to change their files and you can’t have a centralized way to control them and their permissions until you do shared drives. For this, you have the paid shared drive of google. 

   So, once you uploaded the data on your google drive just click on the file or the folder you want to share, then click on the share button and just add the Gmail of the person with whom you want to share. And then your coworker or person would come in and they would check the Shared with me. That file would show up in their Shared with me option.

How to use google drive

      It didn’t hurt the storage space of the person with whom you shared your files. But he/she can easily download files on their personal PCs or mobile phones if the person who shared the files allowed them to download. So, google drive is the best and more convenient way to share files on the internet. 


      This is all about how to use google drive. I tried my best to cover all the things like uploading or downloading the data and file sharing. But if I missed something or you have any questions then ask me in the comment. 



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