How to delete Instagram account

    Instagram is a world-leading social media platform where you can post your visual stuff. In the present era, almost every android or iPhone user has an Instagram account on their mobile. There are a lot of Instagram features that attract your attention. That’s why many celebrities, athletes, actors using Instagram daily.  

    Today in this blog we are going to discuss Instagram Trick. Many times you might have a lot of Instagram user ids and you want to delete that Instagram user id and many times because of some special reasons you want to delete your Instagram account.

    So if you want to delete your Instagram account then you are in the right place I am going to tell you how you can delete an Instagram account permanently. The method of account deletion of Instagram is the same in android or iPhone devices. But it is not available in settings that’s why it’s important to tell you the way of deleting the Instagram account. So let’s get started:

                     How to delete an Instagram account on android    

  • First of all, open your Instagram app and make sure that you have connected with the internet then simply go and open your App. 
  • After opening your Instagram application, tap on your profile icon at the right bottom.
  • After that click on the three horizontal row icon at the top right corner and then click on the setting option at the bottom.
  • In setting, tap on help and then click on the help center. 
  • After that, a popup appears which wants permission to open a help center in your chosen browser. so for this purpose, I choose the Chrome browser. 
  • So for this purpose, I choose the Chrome browser. 
  • Now simply choose the Managing your account option.  
  • And what you need to do is click on Delete your account.
  • After that click on How do I delete my Instagram account? 

                              Downloading your data 

   In how do I delete my Instagram account page there is a link to download your data. I recommend you download your data like posts, videos, photos,  before the deletion of your account because after that you will not able to access them.  Now click on the Delete your account page. Then it may require your username and password. So, after login they want you to give a reason why you are deleting the account. Then choose a reason according to your scenario or choose any reason randomly. Then re-enter your password and tap on permanently delete my account. And finally, your Instagram account is deleted. 

         How to delete an Instagram account on Pc or Computer

   First of all, open your favorite browsers like Chrome or Firefox. Then type in the search bar and after that provide your username and password to login into your account.

Then click on the link above and this will open delete your account page for you. Here you can choose any reason why are you deleting your account. 

delete your account

      Now re-enter your password and click on the red button to permanently delete my account. It will permanently delete your Instagram account.

permanently delete account

  But in some cases, if you want a break from social media platforms like Instagram.   Then you don’t need to delete your Instagram account because Instagram has an option of deactivation of your account. 

   This will temporarily hide your photos, videos, comments, likes from other users. And when you rejoin Instagram using your credentials then your all data is recovered and visible to other users. And for deactivation of your account, you need to follow these steps:

                        How to deactivate an Instagram account

  •  Firstly, log in to your  Instagram account on Provide an email and password to login into your account. 
  • After login click on your profile and tap on the setting option.
    deactivate Instagram account


  • After that scroll down and click on temporarily disable my account. 
  • Here choose a reason why you delete your account and re-enter your password.
    How to deactivate Instagram account

  • And you are all set to deactivate your Instagram account, just click on temporarily disable the account and it will deactivate your account.


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