How to make money from Facebook in 8 different ways

In today’s world, everybody spends a lot of time on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and especially on Facebook. Instead of wasting your time on Facebook, you can earn money from Facebook. Today, I will tell you about how to make money from Facebook in 8 different ways. You believe that if you catch one of these 8 ways and mastered it, you can surely earn a lot of money from Facebook. It is not just about posting different pics and things that you are a master of Facebook. Which methods are those and how they work? I can tell all detail in this blog. So let’s get started:

Facebook business page

        The First method is to earn from the Facebook page. Earning from the Facebook page is by In-stream ads. Nowadays you know that on Facebook monetization on videos is on youtube. You can earn from it by having a page that has 10,000 followers and 30,000 minutes of watch time. It is not as much difficult as you thought. Just you need is patience because everything takes time. First of all, you create a page and get its setting right and give a beautiful photo, and cover photo to attract your audience.

       Then regularly upload your videos which are more than 3 minutes time. You must remember that earning is only on videos not on photos or anything else. This method has rich earning if your one video goes viral you can earn up to 10,000$ in one month.

How to make money from Facebook

Facebook Instant Article

How to make money from Facebook       The second method is an instant article. In this, you have to approve your website on the page and share your article there. The more people click on the article and share your article and visit your site where your ads run the more revenue you generated. But for this, you must have your website. It’s very way because once you approved your site thereby using a publishing tool. After that whenever you publish an article on your website it will automatically publish on your Facebook page.  One thing I mention here is that people can generate revenue without an instant article by sharing their links in larger groups and send traffic to their website. And they earn according to the visitor that goes to their website.

  Facebook Manager/Social Media Manager

      The third one is the Facebook manager. On a freelancing platform like Fiverr, Upwork, etc, you can work as a Facebook manager. Now, what is the Facebook manager? A Facebook manager is a person who can handle the Facebook account profile or page, create content for a particular page or post. The page is off institute, products, or something else. Reply to inbox messages or comments. You can also be a social media manager in which all social media platforms include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. It depends on you how you can charge one client 100 or 200$ and make money on Facebook. 

Facebook Marketing

         Facebook marketing is a very popular and effective way to earn money from Facebook. In this, you have to learn how to run ads this is what marketing meaning is? There are so many clients who don’t know how to run effective ads or create effective ads or how ads work. There is too much money in Facebook marketing on freelancing platforms especially Fiverr. You can also earn locally in Pakistan. This is not a big deal you can easily learn this skill in two to three weeks. You can practice this by yourself then you come to know how these Ads work. And observe other ad makers as observation is a key factor in your success.

Facebook Graphics

       You can also provide services of Facebook graphics on Fiverr or freelancing platforms. Which includes Facebook profile editing, cover photo, post creation, etc. Why I am asking about the only Facebook graphics. Because in this the competition is low, if you make a gig on graphics design then competition is too high for a beginner. So as a beginner I prefer a specific gig where you can compete with others. For this, you must have graphic designing skills. Or you can easily create it by simply using the platform and creating hundreds of graphics free.

Facebook Shop

         The number six on the list is the Facebook shop. This option is new on Facebook. It means that if you have any kind of product then you can also earn from Facebook by creating your shop and selling your product. But for this, you must create your Facebook page than the Facebook shop option is visible. You can also provide service on Fiverr of creating a Facebook shop etc. And earn as you want from Facebook.

How to make money from Facebook


        You can also make money from Facebook by sponsorships of different brands. For this, you must have a huge fan following on your Facebook page and you are famous on Facebook. And it requires time and a lot of hard work to establish yourself on such a high level that different brands ask you to promote their brand or product and as result, they will pay you. Then you can enable the brand option in the setting. And different sponsors or brands contact you to promote their brand on your page or your profile and they will pay you for this as this happen on youtube. And hence you can earn money from Facebook.

Buy and sell

        You can buy and sell different things on Facebook. For example, I want to sell or buy an online course on Facebook. I can do it by making our page or shares in different groups or sell any kind of selling stuff.  Because Facebook is the largest growing social media platform and there is too much audience on it. And also if you want to hire someone for your work you can easily do it from Facebook.


               There are many ways to earn money from Facebook but I explained here in 8 different ways. Are you familiar with these steps? If you get a hold of one of these and if you don’t have any page. Don’t worry! you just provide your services on freelancing marketplaces. There is a lot of work there beyond your thinking. Which of these methods you want to adopt to earn money from Facebook. 

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