How to make money on YouTube without making videos

Youtube is the second biggest search engine after google and many people earning a lot of money from youtube by making their youtube channel and creating their own video content that people watch, like, comment on, and share. But the problem is that creating catchy and engaging content regularly.


 The question is how to make money on youtube without making your own videos or content but instead of this by just copying pasting other content and transforming it. So I am going to tell you how to download videos free with Adsense and then making money with affiliate marketing and Adsense ads as well.

 I am going to tell you an idea of what we are going to do. You should have open any of the affiliate marketing sites like Ali Express, downloading videos, edit them by changing with royalty-free music, and uploading them on your channel because it lies in fair use, and then make money on youtube by both affiliates marketing and Adsense ads. So let’s get started:

Step no # 1 

First of all, if you own a youtube channel that’s well and good, and if don’t then create one because it’s not a big deal and if you don’t know how to create it, then watch one or two videos on youtube to create your youtube channel and then enable the extension of VidIQ which is completely free that helps you to grow fastly on youtube.

Step no # 2

Now, you have to choose a niche. Now the top niches I recommend are Top 10, tech, meditation, scary, and gadgets. After that, enter your favorite keyword and analyze other channels ranked videos, their tags, keywords, description, and how many views they are getting per month, etc, and then decide a topic to go.

Step no # 3

Open and simply type your niche in the search bar. For example, I type smart kitchen gadgets and press enter and it will show you a lot of results.  On your left side, it will show you all the subcategories related to your niche and on which you can work. And on the same side after subcategories, you can see some brands related to your keyword or niche. 

Now what you have to do is to create to affiliate account instead of a simple account. An affiliate account, it asks you to provide information that you have to fulfill in order to become an affiliate partner of AliExpress.

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Step no # 4

Now simply open the products one by one and see if they have videos with their products or not and if not then open those which have videos with their products and simply download these videos. And if you are not finding more videos then with the help of product images, you can make the video yourself.

After that get at least five to ten videos of different products and compile them in one video and add royalty-free background music to your video but the best thing is to make voice-over videos like hi, today I am going to talk about the 10 best kitchen gadgets, etc. And the important thing is that copy or saves the affiliate link of each product and paste all the links in the description of the videos. 

Step no # 5

Now the next step is to optimize your video. Video optimization is the key factor to rank quickly on youtube and getting more views and definitely earning more money. Video optimization is also called SEO. It includes Title, Description, Tags, Thumbnails, subtitles, etc. You can make an attractive thumbnail on Canva or photoshop. You can get ideas of these SEO factors by entering your keyword in VidIQ and observing how the other ranked videos cover these factors in order to get more views and earn more money on youtube.

     And also it a good idea to ask yourself what I actually searched for this title on YouTube and for the description, you want to make sure to use a lot of sentences with the tags and keywords that will be searched for on YouTube and this will make sure that your video appears in search results and in the suggestive video feeds of related videos.

Step no # 6

In order to make the most amount of money on youtube then make the video at least 10 minutes long. So that it can increase your engagement and help you to rank faster and also you can place more ads and definitely earn more money.

The important thing is that consistency. There is nothing impossible in this world and nothing is too easy to achieve. If you don’t work hard you can get nothing, especially online work. That is all about how to make money on youtube without making videos of your own.






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