How to download windows 10 in 2021

Hello and welcome to my new blog today we are going to how to download the window 10 ISO file in 2021.  As we all know that Windows 10 is the latest version of the Windows operating system and because of its compatibility, performance, and amazing different features it will be highly preferable all over the world. In this article, we are going to download Windows 10 with two different methods for installation purposes.

 In the past 2 years, there was a direct method to download Windows 10 from Microsoft’s official website but now they have changed their structure and now there is no direct method to download Windows 10. So by using some tricks we are able to download windows 10. So, let’s get started:

 First of all, open your chrome browser and type download windows 10 and then open the first link or simply click on the download link and it will take you to the Microsoft download Windows 10 page from where you are able to download windows 10.

 So when you reach the download page, you will see two options of update now and download tool now and there is no option of download Windows 10, it is because we are already using Windows 10 operating system on our laptops or PC. So that’s why it’s showing an option of update now.

First Method:

 Now what we have to do is to pretend that we are not using Windows operating system but any other operating system. So for this, we follow some steps:

In the same tab on your Chrome Browser, click on three dots at the top right corner and choose the more tools option and then click on the developer tool option.

how to download windows 10

After that again click on the three dots at the right and choose more tools options and then select network conditions from the list.

download windows 10

 In the network conditions option and in the user agent section uncheck the select automatically option and here from the drop-down list choose any other option like I am selecting Chrome-Android mobile.

windows 10 download

 Now just close the console option and refresh the page, you will see an option of select edition for the windows to download.  After selecting Windows 10 click on the confirm button and now you will see an option of choose language and from the drop-down list I select English language and again click on confirm button.

download windows 10

 Now, finally, we got the link to download windows 10 both 64 bit and 32 bit. Now just click on the link and choose the location of download and it will start downloading your windows 10 ISO file.

download windows 10

Second Method:

After getting on the download page of Microsoft windows 10 download page you can see an option of download tool now.  Click on it and it will download the tool for you to download windows 10. And then click on the download media exe file and allow him to make changes and after that accept the license to continue the way to download windows 10. 

 Now you have shown two options on the next window either to upgrade this pc or download installation media means ISO file. We definitely select the second option of download installation media and then click next.

download windows 10

And now we will have to select Language, edition, and architecture to move forward and there is also an option recommended for this pc. Tick mark this and it will automatically choose the best for your pc. Otherwise choose it by your own choice. After then click on the Next button.

download windows 10

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Now, if you have a connected USB flash drive and you wanted to download it directly in USB. Then select the first option of USB which is a minimum of 8 GB and make it a bootable USB to install windows 10 on your PC. And if not then simply select the second option to download it to your PC and hit the next button and it will ask you the location in your pc where you want to save this file. It will start downloading your windows 10 ISO file.

download windows 10

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