20 amazing windows 10 features you must know

In the present era, about 80 to 90% of people use Windows operating system on their PCs. And everybody uses tricks or shortcuts to save time. Hey there I am Muhammad Qasim and today in this blog I will bring to you 20 amazing new features of window 10 that Microsoft introduces in 2020 and 2019 that makes your work easier.

 #1 Windows-V

              You may already be aware that you can highlight text, press Ctrl-C and then Ctrl-V to paste it. That duplicates that text to the clipboard and afterward permits you to paste it into any Windows 10 application. The one problem with this feature is that it keeps only track of the last item you’ve copied to the clipboard but Windows-V makes this even better. Go to the Start menu, go to Settings, into System, and then choose Clipboard. You can select to sync it across various devices by enabling the clipboard history. Where you can choose never automatically sync text that copy. Once that’s set, now when you copy it places those items in the clipboard and holding down the Windows(window icon on the keypad)+V shows you multiple items that you copied in your clipboard. You can select one and insert it into your app. Press Windows-V again and select a second item. To keep track of multiple copy/paste options Windows-V is a great new feature. 

 #2 Steps Recorder

steps recorder feature                Steps recorder is another amazing feature that Windows 10 has.  You can get it by typing” steps recorder “in the search menu. Open step recorder it will show you options of start recording, stop recording, and also setting option where you can manage to record the full screen, etc. When you click on start recording it will record each and every step you have taken and when you stop, it stops recording and shows a popup of what you recorded. You can save it or edit it according to your will and also share it and you can also review the recorded file as a slideshow.

#3 Snip and Sketch

              Snip and a sketch is a new tool for Windows 10. You can get this tool in the notification area as a snip screen and also by typing in the menu bar or by using the keypad by holding the Windows logo key + shift+S. Snip and Sketch let you capture your PC screen and edit them and save them as a file. If you create a new snip you have choices at the top to do a rectangular snip, free-form one or you can capture an entire window or full screen. If you choose the rectangular snip then you just mark an area on your PC screen you want to capture and it loads the selected area into Snip and Sketch. Here you can highlight, erase, or crop the image as well. At the time when you are set, you can save the picture, duplicate it and paste it where you want, or share it.

 #4 Aero Shake

             If you open three or four windows and you want to select one and hide all other windows. Aero Shake enables you to close all the windows aside from the one that you have chosen. If you hold the header portion of the selected window and then shake it to and fro it shuts all the other windows behind it. Shake it again and it brings them back.

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 #5 Snap Assist

             Snap Assist is another way to manage windows on your PC screen. If you hold the window header and drag it to the top of the PC moves it to the full screen. You can do the same thing by dragging it to a corner. Dragging it to the left gives you the option to select a second window to place it on the right and it separates it evenly between the two sides of the screen. Snap Assist is controlled by going to the start menu, settings, system, multitasking, and be sure to turn on this Snap Windows option.

Snap assist feature

#6 Dictation

                   Dictation is an interesting feature in Windows 10 that allows you to control your PC by your voice into different apps. Dictation is controlled by going to the Start menu, Settings, Ease of Access, and scroll down here to Speech. Enables the dictation control and turn Speech Recognition on. You can also press the Windows key + Ctrl + S to toggle speech recognition on and off. When it’s enabled you can tell it by your voice what to do. Dictation is a nice feature so give it a try.

#7 Dark Modes

                Windows 10 has a new dark mode feature. It’s accessible from going to the start menu, then settings, than personalization, then colors, and here you have a choice of light, dark, or custom. If you select dark then dark mode applies and similarly if you select light then light mode applies. But if you select a custom mode then you manually choose from default windows mode or default app mode.

Dark mode feature

#8 Virtual Desktops

                   Virtual Desktop is a new feature introduced in window 10. By this, we can create multiple desktops for multiple applications. You can get it by getting into the taskbar and here the open of Task view. Click on it shows you all the windows running and the desktop. By default, there is only one desktop. So if you want to add more desktop, you just simply click on a new desktop and drag your desire windows into it to create another desktop. The shortcut to access these entire desktops that you created is window +ctrl+ right or left arrow to switch between them. And if you want to delete the desire desktop click on the task view button and just simply cross it. This is a good solution if you want multiple monitors.

Virtual desktops

#9 Night Light

                The night light is an interesting feature because many people working on their laptops or computers late at night. At night when the lights are off your PC screen light damage your eyes and disturb you. But when you turn the Night light on it has not a very bad effect on your eyes as it dims the emitted blue light. You can get this feature from the notification area or start, setting, system, display, and here turn on night light option.

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 #10 Calculator

              The Windows 10 calculator has been improved dramatically. It includes many new conversions or features. Take a look at the options you have now available. You have the standard calculator that you’re used to and you’ve probably seen the scientific calculator before but now you have options like date calculation and programmer calculator as well and a lot of conversions like currency, Volume, length, temperature, area, energy, time, power, etc. Almost you got everything in windows 10 calculator.

#11 Emojis

                  We are all well aware of emojis that we daily use on WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, etc. But now you can use them easily on your PC in every document by simply holding the window logo key + full stop button(.).In this way, you can use emojis in your documents.


#12 Keyboard Shortcuts

               Here are some common and important shortcuts you must know.

                       Window + E        to open file Explorer

                       Window + M       to minimize all windows

                       Window + left or right arrow        to switch between different windows

                        Ctrl + Alt + Del            Reboot

                       Window   +     zoom in

                       Window         zoom out

                       Window   +    D   to hide all current programs


#13 Nearby Sharing

             Nearby sharing allows you to share your media, documents with other nearby devices. You can enable it by going to the Start Menu, then Settings, then System, then Shared Experiences, and then enable Nearby Sharing. Once you enable it you can get this option in your notification area. It allows you to share documents or files to your phone etc. Once enabling it you click on the three dots of the webpage and click share it shows you various devices whose Bluetooth are on then select one device and you easily share your documents to selected devices.

 #14 Focus Assist

              Focus Assist is another interesting feature in windows 10. It allows you to focus or prioritize the notification of a particular app. You can get it from the start menu, then setting, then system, and then click on focus assist. Here you can see three options off, alarms only, priority only. In off mode, you can receive all notifications from your apps and contacts. When you select top priority only then you can customize your priority list so that it only shows incoming calls and reminders, notifications from pin contacts, and specific apps. And when you select Alarms only, it will hide all the notifications except the major one.

Focus assist

#15 Background Apps

                     Background apps are something that is running continuously on your PC. And they can use your PC battery and resources such that your PC works slower. Some of them are important but you can of some apps that are not too necessary so that your PC works efficiently. You can access them by going to Start menu then setting then privacy and then scroll down and choose background apps.

#16 Ear Trumpet

Ear Trumpet

                     Ear Trumpet is another feature you must know that. By this, you can control the volume of different applications or devices but in the sound, you adjust the volume which is applied to all applications. You can go to the Microsoft store and search for an ear trumpet and then install and launch it. And after that right-click on the sound button and it shows you more options from where you can adjust the sound of different applications. If you want a previous setup you just go to windows legacy by right-clicking on the sound icon.

Ear Trumpet

#17 Windows Switch

           The window switch is another cool and quick option to open different windows from your taskbar. If you click the window key along with 1, it will open the first application from your taskbar, and similarly, by clicking the window key along with 2, 3, 4, it will open respective applications from the taskbar. That’s an easy way to open different windows quickly.

#18 Hide Desktop Icons

                 If you have some icon on your desktop you want to hide them temporarily then this tip will help you in this just right-click on your desktop then click on view and go to show desktop icon and click on it. It will hide all icons from your desktop and if you want to bring them back do the same process. And if you want to add a shortcut of some icon on your desktop which was showing in the start menu then just drag the item and put it on the desktop.

#19 Storage Sense

               Storage sense is a feature in the window you must familiar with and it is designed to track your device storage and free space automatically. You can get it by going to the Start, then settings, then system Storage, and turn on this Storage Sense. Here in the run storage sense, you can get three options to clean it up, you can choose it according to your choice.  Tick mark deletes temporary files and then click clean now. It will take some time and then clean space for you as in my case it was 1.26 GB. 

Storage sense

#20 Windows Reset

                         Windows reset is another feature available on Windows 10. You can use this option when your window is not working and you failed to make it working properly. You can get this by getting in to start, and then settings, then windows update, and then go to recovery. Here you can find reset your PC. Here when you click on get started it will show you two options one is for keeping your files and one for removing all things. When you click on keeping files it will show you two options to get reinstall the window locally or get it from cloud computing. In this way, you can reset your window. 

Windows reset

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