How to change Gmail password

                            How to change Gmail password 

   All of us use email today, at a time when everybody used to send emails using a computer and laptop.  So, of which we all check our emails every day or two, because of which we remember our password. 

     But since this phone has come, we have to log in just one time and after that, we do not have to log in again and hence the big disadvantage of that is we forget our password. 
     So in this blog, I am going to discuss how to change Gmail passwords with the two best and easy working methods if you mistakenly forget your password.

First Method:

      So let us start the first method to change your Gmail password. First of all, open your chrome browser and type and click on the first link to open the website to change your password if you didn’t sign in to your account. 

      Once you open the Gmail website, now enter your email id or phone number and click on forgot password option now. It will ask you to enter the old password that you used to, but if you didn’t remember that password simply click on try another way nowhere you will see your recovery email id.

      What you have to do is simply click on send. Now open your recovery email in a new tap and open that email which is sent by Gmail for changing your password and now simply copy this 6 digit code from the email and paste that code on the account recovery email.             Then click on next and here you can set your new Gmail password after entering your password click on change password and your old password has been changed to new. Now you can add your recovery phone or a recovery email for the future.

         So, guys, this was the first method to change your forgotten Gmail password.

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Second Method:

         Let’s check the second method to change your password simply enter your email id or a phone number now click on next. After that  click on forgot password now again Click on try a different way nowhere select the first option to send a text message. 

         If you have added your recovery phone number then you will get a 6 digit code on your mobile now enter that 6 digit code on the account recovery phone number and click on next once you click on next you can easily set a new password for your Gmail id now enter your new password and simply click on change password and Click on done now you can login into your Gmail account easily this is how you can easily change your Gmail password.

How to change Gmail password in Android?

        First of all, click on the Gmail app on your android phone. Click on your profile icon on the top-right corner and select manage your Google Account and then click on Personal info and then scroll down and click on Password and now enter your email and follow the above methods to change your Gmail password on android.

 How to change Gmail password on mac?

       You can definitely be doing this because somebody knows your password and easily gets access to sensitive data. So, I am going to guide you on how to change your password on mac. 

       Looking on the home screen click on the icon of apple on the top left corner and from there go to system preferences and from here you to the fourth category which is a system and you can see users and groups click on it and here you can see all the user you have on your mac. 

      Click on the user you want to change the password but before this, you can click on the lock button to make changes on the bottom left corner. It will ask you to type an administrator name and password to make changes in your system preferences. Most of us are the administrator of our system and without it can’t allow us to make any change.

         After putting your administrator name and password you can see the unlock icon on the bottom corner. Then click on the change password and enter the old password, new password, verify password and password hint and then click on change password, and boom your password is changed. So, in this way you can change your password on  MacBook pro.

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