Hibernator APK v2.31.0 + MOD (Pro Unlocked)

Hibernator helps you save battery and improve mobile device performance by automatically closing unnecessary apps.

About app Hibernator

Hibernator is a mobile app that falls into the category of productivity and utility apps. The app is designed to help users save battery life and improve their device’s performance by hibernating apps that are not in use.

What is Hibernator?

The main purpose of Hibernator is to put unused applications into hibernation on mobile. In other words, Hibernator helps to stop all running applications to save battery and improve device performance significantly. This application can also automatically close other applications on the device every time the screen turns off.

Hibernator’s performance-enhancing mechanism is effective in its ability to:

  • Speed ​​up phone
  • Free up memory
  • Save battery
  • Cool down the phone


The app works by detecting apps that are running in the background and consuming device resources such as CPU, memory, and battery. Once these apps are identified, Hibernator allows users to hibernate them, which means the app will stop running in the background and won’t consume any resources until the user reopens it.

Hibernator also provides users with various tools and features to customize the app’s behavior and optimize their device’s performance. For instance, users can set the app to hibernate apps automatically at specific intervals or when the device’s battery level reaches a certain threshold. Additionally, the app allows users to whitelist specific apps that they want to keep running in the background, even when hibernation is enabled.

User Interface

Hibernator has a simple and intuitive user interface that makes it easy for users to navigate and use the app’s features. The app’s home screen displays a list of all the apps that are currently running in the background, along with information about their CPU usage, memory usage, and battery consumption. Users can hibernate an app by simply tapping on it, and the app will immediately stop running in the background.

In addition to the app list, Hibernator also has a settings screen where users can configure the app’s behavior and customize its features. The settings screen is divided into several sections, each containing a set of options that users can toggle on or off.


Hibernator is designed to be a safe and secure app that respects users’ privacy. The app does not collect any personal information or data from users, and it does not require any special permissions to function. Additionally, the app’s code is regularly audited and updated to ensure that it is free of vulnerabilities and exploits.


In summary, Hibernator is a useful productivity app that can help users save battery life and optimize their device’s performance. The app’s simple and intuitive user interface, customizable features, and security-focused design make it an excellent choice for anyone looking to improve their device’s battery life and performance.

MOD APK version of Hibernator

MOD feature

  • Pro Unlocked

Download Hibernator APK & MOD for Android

Hibernator is an essential application for you when you are not convenient to do many operations to turn off applications at the same time, or you are simply afraid of forgetting to close the used applications. Therefore, the app plays a big role in helping you to save battery and capacity and promote the device system to operate faster and more efficiently.

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