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A unique approach to create minimal yet powerful launcher to increase focus, productivity and to reduce distractions and stress.

Best Android launchers for your phone 2022 | Android Central

Good launcher is Free
There are no ads, yes completely free
Supports themes
Supports motivation content, facts and life-hacks
Shows Phone usage so you can be careful how much phone are you using
Gesture support for quick navigation

Ratio Launcher Alternatives - 7 Best Minimalist Android Launchers You Can  Try to Be More Productive that can make your life easier and more productive

Is it good launcher for you?
Good launcher is made for people who want to use phone carefully, who want to take break from noisy phone addicted life, who believe in minimalism and who want more control in their life. Before using this launcher, we would like to point this launcher app comes free and we promote our other app GoodApp which is freemium. We have placed GoodApp icon on home screen.

We have added motivation content, interesting facts and lifehacks to keep the launcher screen interesting for you, so you can learn while being mindful of your time. This feature needs GoodApp.

We do not support Widgets because we are minimal Launcher

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