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Silent Flip is a utility app that silents the Music, Ringtone, or Alarm volume on flipping the phone(Face Down) regardless the app is open or not. you can select various settings according to your need.

– Ever heard your phone ringing in a conference or a classroom, Silent Flip can help, just start the service and turn them upside-down to silence it while getting a call, you can even select when does the phone goes loud again.

– Ever felt that you don’t want to wake up but the alarm keeps buzzing, silent it just by flipping the phone upside down.
– Want to hear something important while listening to music just flip the phone upside down to silence it and flip it again to hear your music again.

The Oppo smartphone can be muted on incoming calls as soon as we flip it over, a feature that can be enabled or disabled in the Gesture & Motion settings.

  1. Tap on Settings
  2. Tap on Convenience tools
  3. Tap on Gestures & motions
  4. Enable or disable Flip to mute incoming calls

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