Download OG WhatsApp apk for Android phone

Download OG Whatsapp

Hello Friends, and welcome to the new article where we are going to talk about some of the very interesting features of WhatsApp. I guess many people didn’t know about it. So, if you are also interested, then keep reading this article till the end. So, let’s Gets Started. OG WhatsApp Download Apk For Android 2021.

Download OG WhatsApp app for Android phone

Today’s article is about OG WhatsApp Voice Changer and many other Features. There is no Voice Change option in our normal WhatsApp. So today we gonna download WhatsApp which has a feature of your voice change. And by using this feature of WhatsApp, you can send voice messages to anyone in a changed voice with just one click and it is impossible for them to recognize your voice. Now start downloading OG WhatsApp Download Apk.

This is not a simple WhatsApp which we use from Facebook also you didn’t found it on the Google play store. Instead, I will provide you with a link that helps to take you to the download page where you can easily install OG Whatsapp. After installing, you have to follow the same steps as you do in simple Whatsapp to make your account on OG WhatsApp.

                                         OG Whatsapp Features 

After that, you are allowed to see many different options that you never see on WhatsApp and one of its most popular features or option is voice changer which you can only found on OG WhatsApp. And when you click on the Voice changer option it will show you a list of features that had in it. The list is shown below:

  • Robot
  • Baby
  • Teenager
  • Drunk
  • Deep 
  • Fast 
  • Underwater
  • Slow-motion
  • Reverse
  • Fun # 1
These are all the options of OG Whatsapp. When you choose one of them and after that send voice to someone, you himself notice that your voice is totally changed. You can also turn off this feature easily without any hurdle. But this is the best feature any Whatsapp ever had.

It also has many amazing features. I discuss some of those here. As you want to message a person which is not on your contact list, then you have to save his number first and then you are able to message him or use any third-party app to direct message him without saving the number. But OG Whatsapp can make things much easier than you think.  
It provides you with an option to message a number which allows you to just dial the number and direct a message to that person without saving his number. It is all in one kind of application.

Now, we discuss some of the more interesting features of OG Whatsapp. OG Whatsapp allows unlimited themes from where you can completely change the look of your Whatsapp. And make it cooler than ever. 

You can also change your privacy setting with multiple options available to choose from. Here are some of those:
  • Freeze Last seen
  • Hide typing 
  • Hide recording
  • Hide blue tick
  • Hide second tick etc
And now we are heading toward another amazing option which is Call Privacy. Sometimes, we didn’t want to receive calls from some person without blocking him. Then OG Whatsapp is the best option because it allows you to take control over calls. Here is some call privacy setting which you can enable easily.
  • My Contacts
  • Everyone 
  • Nobody
  • Select Contact
  • My Contact Except
One more feature I wanted to highlight here is that you can easily see all the deleted messages either it is deleted from everyone or from me only. And also same is the case with Status. If they delete their status. You are still able to see it in 24 hours.

There are many more interesting features available in OG Whatsapp that we have not discussed here to make this article precise and short. So, what are you waiting for just download the OG  Whatsapp app for android phones from the link below and enjoy amazing features? And if you have any queries, feel free to ask in the comment section. Thanks

                                           Download OG WhatsApp apk

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