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Clash Royale is a remarkable strategy game with novel content and a completely different style from large-scale strategy games. Instead, it challenges the luck or judgment of the player, even creating many complicated conditions or rules so that the content or each fight is vibrant and intense. The best part is that almost every battle is PvP in real-time, aiming to take players’ experience to the next level.


The player’s career in Clash Royale is to build a kingdom that expands it by conquering or taking down neighboring countries. Therefore, the game introduces complex card game mechanics but at the same time simple when the battles are small-scale. Instead, the player must drop combat units into the designated lane to attack and defend, gradually destroying the enemy’s main base and gaining victory.


The player’s battle units are particular types of monsters summoned through magical cards. They can only carry a maximum of five units in each battle, and at the same time, must use them effectively based on all situations of the frontier. When summoned, the monster will consume a certain amount of mana and have a cool-down varied period, thereby forcing the player to adapt and use all cards wisely constantly.


The variety of maps and combat environments in Clash Royale is also a perfect initiative for players to become more mobile. Based on the player’s invasion campaign, they will have to traverse many lands with extreme climatic conditions, affecting the battle roster. Because of that, the player must choose and find monsters suitable for the environment to overwhelm and win every victory despite the environmental effect.


The cards will represent the combat units the player can use in each battle, and their abilities or stats are widely varied. Depending on the player’s type of strategy or fighting style, they will have to arrange and choose the most appropriate monster teams to balance the battle stats. Moreover, they can upgrade the cards’ stats when they collect the necessary amount from the reward systems and more.


Almost every significant activity like events has excellent rewards available to every player of Clash Royale. It is also where there is the greatest PvP activity in exchange for glory and rewards corresponding to individual combat achievements. In addition, players will have many opportunities to receive new battle units, even collecting more cards to upgrade every main battle unit on their roster.


The battles between the great guilds are the culmination of entertainment when the participation of both teams is professional and highly skilled players. However, it will use territorial invasion campaigns instead of all the fierce face-to-face battles, and each team must complete the objectives as quickly as possible. Guild members, when participating, will also be assigned to fight 1v1 with opponents of corresponding strength to decide the right to rule the territory.

The strategy gameplay style in Clash Royale is completely new and entertaining, but it is exhilarating and fierce in its way. Not only that, activities and events are always ideal moments for players to develop new potentials to enjoy the game to the fullest.

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